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What are Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases (PI)?

What are Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases (PI)?

The immune system is a complex system of organs, tissues, and cells that work to defend our bodies against disease and attacks by organisms that can cause infections. When the immune system doesn’t work properly or attacks the wrong target, however, a number of diseases and disorders can result, including allergic diseases. Primary immunodeficiency diseases (PI), for example, are chronic disorders caused by an immune system that doesn’t work as it should.

At the Center for Allergy of Asthma of Georgia, our board certified allergists and immunologists offer immune deficiency evaluations to help patients better understand the root cause of recurrent infections that often don’t respond to treatment. By conducting a battery of tests, our team can help you determine if you have an immune deficiency disorder such as a PI.

So what are primary immunodeficiency diseases? PI diseases refer to a group of over 300 chronic disorders. For many people who have PI, infections are a common problem, sometimes to the point that they can develop severe and debilitating illnesses. With the right medical care, however, people with PI can live relatively normal, full, and productive lives.

Here are some quick facts about PI:

  • Genetic – PI diseases are hereditary and caused by genetic defects, although some disorders, typically those that are less severe than others, can present themselves at any time in a person’s life. PI disorders may affect one part or more than one part of the immune system, and they are not contagious.
  • Infections – PI disorders can differ, but they all result from a defect in the immune system meant to protect us from infections. As such, people with PI are more susceptible to infections of the sinuses, ears, lungs, skin, and other parts of the body.
  • Do you have PI? – If you have severe and recurrent infections that don’t clear up completely or are slow to clear up, you might want to look into immune deficiency testing, especially if you know if susceptibility to infections runs in your family.

The Center for Allergy and Asthma has 9 office locations around the greater Atlanta Metro area to serve local residents who want more information about primary immunodeficiency diseases, our evaluation and specialized testing, and what we can do to help you determine the best approach to treatment. For people with PI, treatment is essential to fighting off and treating infections, boosting the body’s immune system, and treating the root cause of the disorder.

Our board certified specialists are highly trained in the field of immunology, and can help create a customized treatment plan that fits your unique and individual needs. We offer same day appointments and the ability to book an appointment online 24/7.

Visit one of our conveniently located offices of contact us today for more information about how we can help you live a healthier life!