This Was My First Visit...

This was my first visit, but I must say Dr. Boleman was very attentive and actually talked to me and listened to what I had to say. I have a primary immune deficiency, which is fairly rare. Lots of doctors have no idea about PI, but Dr. Boleman knew what I was talking about and how it affects my asthma.

Awesome Practice!

My first visit was a very positive one. Everyone, from the front office staff to the doctor, were very kind and friendly.

This Place Has Been Very Sensitive To Me And My Condition...

This place has been very sensitive to me and my condition of breaking out and trying to be very supportive to me, even though it’s been a very frustrating time. The very last appointment I had a few days ago, the nurse was very sensitive to me. She even gave me a hug and told me everything was going to be all right. I’ll never forget it, because she really made things a lot better for me. I would recommend this place to anyone going through any kind of skin condition or breakouts or allergies, they are a wonderful place and I highly recommend.

Caring Staff Who Listen and Genuinely Want to Help!

Every person who helped me at my visit was kind, understanding and so helpful. I was seeking a second opinion in a pretty rare situation. The nurses and doctor were very thorough in getting information about my symptoms, what had already been tried and what we could do that would work for me. I feel like the care has been completely catered to my needs, and look forward to working with them to get well. If I could give them more stars I would.

Exceeded My Expectations.

I called two offices before choosing an allergist. When scheduling this appointment, I spoke with a nurse who answered all my questions and concerns and won me over immediately. My husband and I were wowed by the office complex, super impressed with the receptionist's attitude and thorough explanation of cost and benefits. We were immediately in love with the nurses, and impressed with how quickly the visit went by. Absolutely loved Robin and feel comfortable and excited to get started on my shots with her.

Highly Recommended!

Administrative and nursing staff are very friendly and helpful. The PAs and doctors are very thorough and work to ensure questions are answered, concerns are addressed, and symptoms are treated. I would definitely recommend them to anyone struggling with allergy and asthma symptoms.

Fantastic Experience.

Very great place with amazing staff. Dr. Vickery was very helpful, and actually listened and answered all of the concerns I had about my son.

Dr. Hurwitz And His Staff Listen...

Dr. Hurwitz and his staff listen and then they take appropriate action. Winter is almost over, and I have not had bronchitis. This is some kind of record for me. The shots work.

Receptionist Was Extremely Professional and Friendly.

Receptionist was extremely professional and friendly. The center was neat and clean. The nurse was very thorough in asking and recording answers to those questions. She took time to make sure she understood our responses. Erin was very focused while listening to what our concerns were. She spent ample time to address our concerns and answer any questions we had. We were pleased that labs were ordered on our first visit/consult. We look forward to our next visit in two weeks.

I Have Been A Patient Of Center For Allergy And Asthma Since 2009...

I have been a patient of Center for Allergy and Asthma since 2009. I have always received excellent care. Thanks for caring. It's appreciated.