Allergy Drops in Metro Atlanta

Allergy drops, or sublingual immunotherapy, offer a safe, reliable alternative to allergy shots. Like allergy shots, allergy drops provide long-term relief from allergy symptoms, and are particularly effective against environmental allergens, such as insect, indoor, and seasonal allergies.

Sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) is a widely accepted allergy treatment throughout Europe, South America, Asia, and Australia. This alternative allergy treatment is increasing in popularity in the United States, and offers Atlanta patients effective immunotherapy without regular office visits or allergen injections.

If you or your child suffer mainly from spring allergies and want to be on allergy drops for the spring only, we will include only tree pollen in the drops. Our general recommendation is to take the drops for 4 months during the spring, and then stopping. For most patients, this has reduced their symptoms during the spring by 80-90% overall.

If you would like to have lasting relief from seasonal and year around allergies, we offer specific allergy shots or drops. These not only include tree pollens for spring, but also weed pollen for the fall season, grass pollen for summer allergies, as well as dust, mold, dog and cat if you are allergic to these things. This will build up your long-term immunity so your symptoms from allergies, sinus problems, or asthma can be reduced by 80-90%.

Allergy Drops Treat Atlanta Allergy Symptoms

Sublingual immunotherapy is an ideal alternative for Atlanta patients looking for lasting allergy treatment. However, immunotherapy is not the appropriate treatment option for everyone or for all allergies.

Allergy drops offer a long-term treatment solution to a variety of people who suffer from several types of allergies. People who would benefit the most from allergy drops include those who:

  • Desire long-term allergy control
  • Suffer from mild atopic dermatitis (eczema)
  • Suffer from outdoor allergens like grass, ragweed, and tree pollens
  • Suffer from indoor allergens such as pet dander, dust mites, or mold
  • Desire a new treatment for hay fever
  • Prefer sublingual administration rather than injection
  • Want to treat the allergy cause rather than the symptoms
  • Suffer from severe or chronic conditions
  • Desire treatment different from allergy medication

Allergy Drops for Atlanta Children & Adults

The sublingual immunotherapy allergy treatment at the Center for Allergy and Asthma of Georgia is administered by our board-certified allergy specialists. During an initial exam, our experienced doctors use allergy testing to identify allergic triggers and sensitivities. Once our team has identified specific allergens, we develop an extract of that allergen and prepare the extract in either tablets or drops.

Because allergy drops can be administered at home, our patients don’t have to worry about the hassle of regular office visits for allergy shots. Our allergy specialists instruct our patients on the proper administration of the allergy drops during an office visit, as well as indicating the proper daily or weekly dosage.

Our board-certified allergy doctors recommend that sublingual immunotherapy is continued for three to five years to allow the body to develop a lasting immunity.

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