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Smyrna/Vinings Allergy and AsthmaTreatment & Testing Services

Board-Certified Allergy Experts in The Atlanta Metro Area

At the Center for Allergy & Asthma of Georgia in Smyrna/ Vinings, our board-certified allergists specialize in treating the symptoms of allergies, asthma, and common sinus issues and we have the resources to provide you with the specialized care you need. Our Smyrna location also serves the surrounding communities of Vinings, Marietta, and Mableton.

Our available staff at our Smyrna office location include the following:

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Allergy Treatments Available in Smyrna

We offer comprehensive and individualized treatments for nasal allergy, sinus problems, allergy lung conditions, skin allergies including hives and other allergic conditions:

  • Nasal Allergies and Sinus Conditions nasal allergies can be year round or season or both. They lead to sinus problems as well as infections caused by allergic inflammation. Treating your allergies can help clear up your sinus issues, as these are closely related. Once treated, our patients have experienced 80-90% reduction of all sinus problems. We also use using biologic treatments such as the recently FDA-approved Dupixent (dupilumab) for certain sinus problems.
  • Asthma Treatments and Cough Conditions – we treat many forms of asthma, including childhood asthma, adult asthma, exercise-induced asthma, and cough-variant asthma. We offer allergy shots ( immunotherapy) to significantly reduce problems and also provide other biologic medications such as Nucala (mepolizumab), Cinqair (reslizumab), and Fasnera (benralizumab) which are highly effective for moderate to severe asthma.
  • Skin Allergies we alleviate itching, redness, and swelling associated with allergic skin conditions such as eczema, hives, contact dermatitis. We administer or prescribe antibiotics, allergy shots, antihistamines, moisturizing cream, topical ointments, corticosteroids, or various treatments including Xolair for chronic hives.
  • Allergy Shots or Drops both build up immunity to allergens and provide long term relief from allergy related problems, including season, indoor and outdoor allergies, asthma and eczema. We offer allergy shots which are given in the office and allergy drops or sublingual immunotherapy which can be administered at home without coming into the office. For certain patients, we can even build your immunity up in 1 day in the office and the shots control symptoms after that.

    Allergy shots or drops (immunotherapy) are used for:
    Seasonal or year-round nasal allergies
    Sinus problems
    Chronic cough
    Hives (sometimes)
  • Pediatric Allergies we understand the seriousness and hindrances that allergies can put on your young ones. Our specialists customize safe and effective treatments for conditions such as asthma, eye allergies, allergic rhinitis, hives, eczema, and chronic sinus infections.

Allergy Testings

Our allergists offer allergy skin testing for Hay Fever, Hives, Dermatitis; with the main types of tests being scratch/prick, intradermal, and allergy blood tests.

  • Intradermal This testing option involves injecting a small portion of the suspected allergen(s) under the surface of the skin and then examining the skin for any reactions such as hives or swelling.
  • Scratch/Prick This type of allergy test involves utilizing a pricking device filled with small amounts of potential allergens that are pricked underneath the surface of the epidermal layer and waiting to see if you experience an allergic reaction.
  • Pulmonary pulmonary tests provide our professionals with important information regarding the function of your lungs, how quickly air is moving in and out, and how effectively the lungs are removing carbon dioxide and replacing it with oxygen into your bloodstream.
  • Patch testingfor contact allergens such as ingredients in skin care products.

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Our beautiful office is conveniently located right off the I-285 and the East-West Connector which situates our Smyrna facility located in the most vital and regional landscapes in the county. Our doctors and staff are proud to offer our advanced treatments to residents of neighboring communities treatments and testing for allergies, asthma, and more.

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