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Griffin Allergy & Asthma Treatment & Testing

Allergy & Asthma Symptom Relief in Spalding County, GA

The Center for Allergy and Asthma of Georgia in Griffin is equipped and prepared to provide the residents of the Spalding County area with high-quality asthma, allergy, and sinus-related treatments. Our expert staff with specialties in allergy and asthma management and care are determined in providing you with the best treatment plan that suits your needs. You can rest assured that your asthmatic, allergic, and sinus-affiliated symptoms can be addressed with the attentive and compassionate care of our experienced and well-trained hands.

The available staff at our Griffin office includes:

For reliable assistance with any asthmatic, allergic, or sinus-related complications, please don’t hesitate to call the Center for Allergy and Asthma of Georgia in Griffin at 770-459-0620 today.

Griffin Allergy & Asthma Services Provided

  • Asthma Treatments - Using tests such as the spirometry, asthma treatments, depending on the severity and your personal case, may include controller medications or modifiers, oral or intravenous corticosteroids, combination inhalers, and quick rescue/relief medications for more critical conditions.
  • Allergy Testing - Quick skin testing like scratch/prick, intradermal, and patch tests can help our providers with targeting any potential allergens affecting your immune system or that are causing your symptoms.
  • Allergy Shots - Injections containing specific allergens can aid with conditions such as seasonal, insect, and indoor/outdoor allergies, as well as asthma, recurrent/chronic sinusitis, and eczema.
  • Allergy Drops - Sublingual immunotherapy is the perfect alternative to allergy shots for those avoiding getting injected, with efficacy against environmental allergens that cause indoor/outdoor, insect, and seasonal allergies.
  • Pediatric Allergies - Allergy symptoms and complications can affect children at times even more drastically than adults, and we strive to provide safe and effective treatment plans for our young patients of every age suffering from allergies.
  • Biologic Treatments - These organically derived medications aimed at helping with inflammation associated with conditions such as allergic asthma, chronic sinus infections, hives, and eczema.
  • Sinus Treatments - After a thorough assessment of your sinus symptoms and condition, treatments including allergy shots, corticosteroid nasal sprays, steroid shots, or antibiotics may be ordered for your sinus pain relief.
  • Skin Treatments - Treatments of conditions such as eczema, hives, and contact dermatitis can vary from creams/lotions and corticosteroids, to allergy shots and medications like immunosuppressants or antihistamines.
  • Telemedicine - Virtual same-day or next-day telemedicine appointments are available for consulting, diagnosing, and planning any necessary treatments from any place of your choosing.

Why the Center for Allergy and Asthma of Georgia is Your Top Choice

Conveniently located at the heart of the city, the Center for Allergy and Asthma of Georgia in Griffin strives to make our services as readily accessible to all the residents of Griffin and surrounding communities that may need our assistance. From quick and reliable diagnostic testing to safe and effective treatment options, our team of allergy and asthma care specialists are committed in helping our community with improving their conditions and overall wellbeing.

Call us at (770) 629-0680 or online at for same- or next-day consultations in-person or via telemedicine.



223 West College Street
Griffin, GA 30224

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  • Office is closed between 11:15 and 1:00 pm, Monday – Thursday.