Hives Testing

Medically known as urticaria, hives are an allergic reaction that causes the skin to break out in pale, red bumps or plaques. In most cases, hives cause itching; however, they may also result in a burning or stinging sensation.

Testing for Hives at the Center for Allergy and Asthma of Georgia

If a patient consumes a particular food, such as peanuts or shellfish, and develops hives soon after, then the cause of the outbreak is typically obvious. However, there are many possible causes for hives, and most cases require more insight.

A single outbreak of hives does not usually require testing or immediate attention. Patients who experience chronic hives should be evaluated by a board certified allergist, who will evaluate a detailed medical history and review possible allergic triggers at home or in a work environment.

In some cases, one of the Atlanta allergy doctors at the Center for Allergy and Asthma of Georgia may require a blood or skin test. The main types of skin types used at our practice are:

Scratch or Prick Test

  • During a typical scratch test, the allergist will mark areas on the skin to identify where each potential allergen will be tested. A single drop of extract will be placed on each dot. Using a pricking device, the allergy doctor will then pierce the outer layer of the skin, allowing the extract to enter the epidermis.

Intradermal Test

  • During an intradermal test, the allergist will first carefully clean and examine the skin; then, he or she will inject a small amount of the allergen just beneath the skin.

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