Are You Allergic to Holiday Decorations and Christmas Trees?

With the big winter holidays just around the corner, you may start pulling out the old holiday decorations from the garage so you and your family can decorate your home with holiday lights, menorahs, ornaments, mistletoe, and Christmas trees. When doing this, you may start to suffer a runny nose, itchy throat, watery eyes, and many other allergy symptoms. To help you understand what may have triggered these reactions, consider the following common allergies that occur during the holiday season:

Dust Mites:

Maybe you pulled the bin of last year’s decorations from the garage, a storage unit, or the top of a closet. Whatever the case may be, chances are, you have not touched this box since last year’s holiday season. Over the course of the year, dust mites may have accumulated both inside and outside the container, exposing you to these dust mites as soon as you move the box. To avoid severe allergic reactions, make sure to wipe down the container immediately after moving it from its storage area.


Mold is similar to pollen in that it floats around in the air but is not visible to the naked eye. However, people who suffer from mold allergies can suffer serious allergic reactions if exposed to mold. Because mold is attracted to damp evergreens, these molds can reside in the wreaths, Christmas trees, and boughs you buy and place in your home. If you or a family member suffers mold allergies, you may want to consider buying artificial trees and wreaths.

Pollens and Herbicides:

Before Christmas trees are sold in lots, they have spent a great deal of time growing outdoors. During this time, they are exposed to an abundance of fertilizers, pollens, and even herbicides. These various allergens can stick to needles and barks of the trees, creating hazards when brought into the home of a person who suffers allergies. To be safe, consider thoroughly washing the tree or any other evergreen decoration you and your family select before bringing these items into your house.

Not Sure if You Suffer From Allergies? Let us Tell You.

If you suffer from allergies or are unsure of whether you do, contact the Center for Allergy and Asthma of Georgia today. Our team understands how frustrating it can be when suffering allergy symptoms and can do everything in our power to alleviate such problems. When you become our patient, we can perform various tests to determine which allergens affect you most and decide what types of remedies can benefit you. Don’t go through another holiday season with an itchy nose and constant sneezing, let the Georgia allergists help you!

To schedule an appointment, visit us online or call Center for Allergy and Asthma of Georgia today!

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