Holiday Food Allergies: How to Prepare Your Child for Holiday Dinners

When a child suffers from food allergies and your family plans to attend dinners with friends or family, the basic courtesy rules and manners should apply: Speak with the host about your child’s food allergies beforehand, ask about ingredient and menu teams, and bring you own snacks and foods. Of course, there are also steps you can take to prepare your child:

Step 1: Help Your Child Politely Ask About Food Items

It is important to teach your child that it is okay to ask if a food item is safe before eating an item that was not prepared by someone aware of his or her allergies. To help your child, create life-like situations and allow your child to practice asking the right questions. Your child will be more confident when they know what to expect and how to react.

Step 2: See an Experienced Allergist to Get the Facts

The best thing you can do to prevent your child from suffering from an allergy related illness or attack is seeking help from an experienced allergist. When you take your child to the appointment, make sure to have a list of questions to ask, such as: Is there any food item that my child absolutely cannot be near? Are there food items that have this type of food in it that I may be unaware of?

Step 3: Keep an Eye on Your Child While Attending Holiday Events

Depending on the age of your child, it may best to keep a watchful eye on your child to ensure your child does not come in contact with or consume any food items he or she may be allergic to. If friends or other family members are attending the event as well, be sure to make them aware of your child’s conditions. The more people that are aware of your child’s allergies, the easier it can be to prevent a serious allergic reaction.

Step 4: Always Be Prepared

If your child suffers from severe allergies, it is important to remain prepared. To do so, always have two epinephrine auto injectors with you at all times. This can act as the first line of defense should your child show signs of an allergic reaction.

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