Can The Changing Climate Cause More People to Suffer from Allergies?

With spring in full effect, many people are suffering from obnoxious allergic reactions such as runny noses, constant sneezing, coughing, and red eyes. But, what actually causes these allergic reactions? Research shows that many of these reactions are triggered by airborne pollen. Additionally, new evidence shows that these annoying spring time allergies may worsen due to climate change.

As of now, the evidence is preliminary, but research shows that this climate change can lead to longer spring seasons, which means more time for weeds and other allergy-causing plants to grow. As a result, people with sensitive allergies or asthma may suffer through a longer season of bothersome allergic reactions.

What Is Causing These Plants to Grow During the Spring?

Research shows that the carbon dioxide, which is the major global warming gas, is food for plants. This chemical compound causes the sugars within plants to photosynthesize. So, when warmer temperatures occur, carbon dioxide levels may be higher, causing plants to grow more rapidly than they would if temperatures were lower.

Physicians Are Noticing Higher Number of Patients Suffering from Allergies

Lately, many allergists are noticing an increase in allergy symptoms, which they attribute to the warmer climate change. In fact, the World Allergy Organization reported that climate change will, undoubtedly, “affect the start, length, and intensity of the pollen season and exacerbate the synergistic effects of pollutants and respiratory infections on asthma.”

Are You Suffering from Seasonal Allergies? Call Our Team.

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