Can Allergies Cause Body Aches and Fatigue?

For allergy sufferers, many symptoms can cause discomfort. Allergies can manifest a wide variety of symptoms, some more troublesome than others. Some of these symptoms, such as a runny nose or sneezing may be more obvious as a symptom of allergies, but other symptoms may not be so apparent. Body aches and fatigue are two common symptoms of allergies that often go undiagnosed.

Chronic Fatigue

Some allergy sufferers may experience chronic fatigue syndrome. Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is marked by extreme, prolonged exhaustion with no apparent cause. If your doctor is unable to diagnose the source of your exhaustion, it is possible that your fatigue is caused by allergies. Many individuals diagnosed with CFS also show an over-sensitive immune system. Allergies are caused by an over-sensitive immune system, so often these two conditions manifest together. In many patients, treating allergies can help reduce fatigue. Food allergies and environmental irritants, such as mold spores, can often affect fatigue. If you are suffering from chronic fatigue, you should see a Georgia allergist to be evaluated for allergies.

Body Aches

Joint pain or general discomfort can also be caused by allergies. Allergic reactions can cause inflammation, which can lead to joint and muscle aches. Chronic body aches may be a sign of an immune system reaction, such as arthritis, but also can be a sign of allergies. Repeated coughing or sneezing as a result of your allergies can also cause soreness. If you suspect that your body aches may be related to allergies, schedule an allergy test with a certified allergist.

Treating Body Aches and Fatigue

Symptoms of allergies can be treated, but lasting relief comes from treating the cause of the allergies. Uncovering what allergens you are intolerant of can help you treat your allergies, and reduce or eliminate your symptoms. A board-certified allergist can help to diagnose your allergies and come up with a treatment plan.

At the Center for Allergy and Asthma of Georgia, our allergists are all board-certified specialists in Allergy and Immunology. Our team’s focused training allows us to help you find relief from your allergies. We offer extended hours and same-day appointments to ensure that you can get treatment from our Georgia allergists, with no wait. Contact our offices today to schedule your appointment.

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