How To Survive Spring Allergies

Nothing feels better after a long, cold winter than spending some time outside in the spring sun. That is unless you suffer from allergies.

The blooming flowers and trees are beautiful to look at, but they also produce pollen — a big reason for allergy flare-ups. Whether you call it spring allergies, “hay fever,” or seasonal allergic rhinitis, we have a few tips to help ease your symptoms.

Tips to Help Cope with Spring Allergies

Take Doctor-Recommended Medications

There are different treatments for different allergies, which is why It is important to consult your allergist to help you receive the best care possible. For instance, if you suffer from a constant runny nose, your doctor may prescribe an antihistamine.

Make Sure Your Home is Allergy-Free

Sometimes, your allergies can be worse inside your home. Here are a few ways to help keep your home allergy-free:

  1. Use an air conditioner.

  2. Invest in a HEPA filter — this is the most efficient way to remove particles from your air.

  3. Keep your doors and windows closed — allowing fresh air inside your home can also mean letting in extra pollen.

  4. Vacuum each week — pollen can easily get trapped in your carpet fibers.

Flush Your Sinuses

If you suffer from a stuffy nose during the springtime, nasal sprays are a great way to help clear out your nasal passages.

Shower in the Evening

Try showering before you go to bed to help remove any pollen from your body.

Dress Appropriately

On the days that are extra windy, wear a scarf to block the pollen from your face.

Visit an Allergy Specialist

Tired of dealing with your seasonal allergies? The Center for Allergy and Asthma can help you take control of your allergy symptoms and feel better. Get in touch today to schedule your appointment.

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