New Study Shows that Some Allergen's Compositions are Similar to Those of Parasites

Have you ever wondered why some people are allergic to certain foods or plants and not others? A recent study shows that some allergens carry molecules similar to those found in various types of parasites, which cause many people’s immune systems to overreact.

How are Allergies Activated?

Allergies occur when an antibody referred to as Immunoglobulin E recognizes an allergen and binds to it. This sends the immune system into hyper-drive and leads to allergy symptoms such as runny nose, hives, and life-threatening breathing patterns.

Many researches state that this occurrence evolved to help humans and animals defend against different types of parasites. They argue that in developed countries, people’s Immunoglobulin E may be targeting molecules similar to these parasites, by mistake, causing these persons to suffer allergic reactions.

How Can This Finding Help Improve the Lives of Those Suffering Allergies?

This new finding can help lead to a new method of identifying allergens. Researchers state that this finding can also provide the following changes:

  • A new way to screen foods for possible allergens
  • Design better therapies for allergy-prone persons
  • Allow doctors to administer specific proteins rather than pollens as forms of allergy shots
  • Help make immunotherapy safer and more efficient

Although this finding may explain some allergens and people’s reactions to these allergens, it does not explain others. Researchers are working hard to find more answers to this new discovery.

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