Do Pollen Allergies Increase in Warmer Temperatures?

According to research, many people experience allergic reactions during the springtime because the human body’s immune system often attacks pollen like parasites. Leonard Bielory, an allergy specialist and professor at Rutgers University Center of Environmental Protection states that the protein sequence of pollen is similar to the sequence of parasites. As a result, the body attempts to expel the parasites or pollen via allergic reactions such as sneezing.

Bielory explains that this reaction is “rather innocuous” since pollen is simply the male reproductive components of plants. Still, many people suffer from serious allergies during the time of year when pollen floats around in the air the most.

Does Pollen Count Increase Under Certain Conditions?

Studies determine that pollen allergies first surfaced during the industrial revolution. Many believe that climate change played a large role in such increase. Researchers explain that when plants are placed in warmer weather conditions, they grow more powerfully and produce a greater amount of pollen than they would normally produce. For this reason, places such as the Northern United States sees a higher pollen count than places with cooler weather. In addition, the pollen count rises as the temperatures increase.

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