What Allergens Should You Look Out for This Winter?

The winter months bring about some of the greatest things in life. Hot chocolate becomes the new water, cozy clothes become the greatest thing to wear, and the skies become beautifully filled with fog. However, winter may not be as innocent as it seems. For those who suffer from allergies, you may already know that allergens can still bother during the winter.

Below, our Atlanta allergists have listed four allergens you should look out for this winter:

1. Mold

When environments become damp, mold can grow. This allergen can be found outdoors and indoors, in places such as window seals, roof tiles, bathroom areas, kitchen areas, and much more.

2. Animal & Pet Dander

Did you know your warm-blooded, furry friends carry dead skin cells called animal dander? That’s right. Your small, fuzzy family members may be adorable, but they can be the reason for why you are sneezing so much. You may find you become more allergic to pets in the winter since they are indoors much more than usual.

3. Pollutants Such as Smoke

When the cold months come around, many people build fires both outdoors and indoors. The burning wood found in fires can discharge irritating smoke and other pollutants in the air, causing allergy-prone people to suffer from asthma or allergic rhinitis symptoms.

4. Dust-mites

Dust-mites may be in more places than you suspect. They can be deep within your mattress, bedding, furniture, and even your carpets. These dusty little creatures can make it hard to breath with ease.

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