4 Fall Allergies You May Not Have Suspected

Those who suffer from allergies know that any season of the year can turn into sneezy, itchy throat, and watery eye season. These symptoms not only cause discomfort, but they can also prevent an individual from completing daily activities and enjoying each day. For some, fall can be one of the most difficult seasons for allergy-prone people to endure.

Although many people are aware that allergens such as mold and ragweed are more common during fall, they may be unaware of other triggers that can cause discomfort and allergy-related illnesses. To help, our Atlanta allergists have listed four lesser-known triggers below:

Trigger 1: Persistent Warm Weather:

While fall season usually brings about cooler weather, some days are full of lingering warm temperatures. These higher temperatures can worsen rhinitis symptoms. In addition, a combination of warm weather and humidity or windiness can release mold spores.

Trigger 2: Raking Leaves:

During the fall, many individuals stay busy raking the leaves that continue to fall from trees. However, for individuals who suffer from allergies, raking can be a dangerous task. Raking can stir mold and pollen into the air, leading to asthma attacks and other allergy symptoms.

Trigger 3: Back-to-School Allergens

During the fall, many children and college students return to school. As a result, many are exposed to classroom allergy triggers and irritants, such as dust from chalk, food allergies, or activities that lead to exercised-induced bronchoconstriction (EIB).

Trigger 4: “Hay Fever”:

This term is used to describe the various symptoms that occur during late summer. Amongst common causes of hay fever, ragweed is one of the most popular. In most cases, this weed pollinates in mid-August and continues until a hard freeze.

Are You Suffering From Allergies? Call Center for Allergy and Asthma of Georgia

If you or someone you love is suffering from allergies and believe the approaching fall season may be the cause of it, we urge you to contact our Atlanta allergists at Center for Allergy and Asthma of Georgia right away. We can examine your condition and determine which forms of treatment can help you breathe easier in the shortest amount of time possible. We truly care about your health, and that is why our team offers same-day appointments.

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