Allergy Season in Georgia May Be Getting Longer

Allergy Season in Georgia May Be Getting Longer

According to a recent article in the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, allergy season in Georgia may be getting longer. While allergy season usually peaks in the spring, several recent doctor’s reports indicate that it could now span into the summer, or even longer.

Tree pollen peaked in Atlanta and northern Georgia around April, with grass and weed pollen peaking in the months that followed. According to Dr. Stanley Fineman, pollen counts were in the high to extremely high range this year, reaching 4,500 before 2018 was even half over.

“The pollen count really reflects the number of pollen grains in a cubic meter of air over a 24-hour period, so a cubic meter is like the size of a printer box,” stated Dr. Fineman. He went on to stress how warmer winters continue to negatively affect allergy-sufferers in Georgia. “What we’re seeing, over the last 10 years, is that the season’s getting longer, partially because it’s getting a little warmer earlier. So we’re seeing a longer pollen season, and it’s partially because of the warmth.”

Although most plant allergens in the state are native to Georgia, there has also been a trend in recent years of plants not native to the state contributing to rising pollen counts. “A few years ago we saw an uptick in tree pollen, Chinese elm pollen to be specific, in the fall, which is very unusual because we usually see tree pollen in the spring,” stated Fineman.

Along with researchers at the University of Georgia and Emory, Fineman has been examining how these plants ended up in Georgia, and how they’re impacting individuals in the state with allergy issues. “We saw that it’s being used as an ornamental here in Atlanta,” stated Fineman, referring to the Chinese elm. “That means that landscaping companies are planting it on purpose because it’s a hardy tree, it’s a pretty tree.” Unfortunately, it appears that Georgia landscapers were unaware of what effect the Chinese elm would have on native allergy-suffers when they began planting it.

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