Top Tips for Avoiding Summer Sinus Infections

Summer months are filled with vacations and soaking up the rays, but a sinus infection could cut these activities short. Make your health a priority this season by:

Washing Your Hands Often

One of the first things you should keep in mind when preventing any illness is to wash your hands frequently. Everything you touch has germs and bacteria on it and any time you touch your face or mouth, these germs are distributed directly to you. Make sure to keep your hands clean and prevent the spread of germs and bad bacteria.

Avoiding Pollution

It is important to avoid pollutants, second-hand smoke, and other irritants and allergens the best you can. These types of stressors can make sinus infections much worse. We recommend staying indoors on days with poor air quality and investing in an air purifier to ensure that your indoor air is free of irritants.

Choosing Salt Water Pools

Many people would not think that swimming could cause any damage, but it is important to avoid pools and chlorine, as they can make sinus infections worse. Pools hold an overgrowth of bacteria and harsh chemicals that may make symptoms worse. This bacteria can get into the nasal passage and cause a build-up of mucus.

Naturally Irrigating Your Sinuses

Our next tip might not be the most pleasant, but it does wonders for your sinuses. To naturally irrigate your nose once a week, we recommend using a neti pot or a device similar to this one. A neti pot flushes out the sinuses with a saline rinse to moisten the nose and clear out any unwanted mucus and bad bacteria. It may not be the most pleasant solution, but it is the most effective!

Are you one of the millions of Americans who experiences frequent and painful sinus infections? If so, contact us today at (404) 994-3574 to book your appointment.

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