Allergies in Children: How Can Parents Help?

When your little ones are running around at home, you have control over what they play with and eat — essential constituents for parents of children with severe allergies. But what’s a parent to do once their little one starts school? With children spending roughly half of their day in a classroom, it’s important to have a plan in place, should they suffer an allergy attack while away from your watchful eye.

Be Prepared

Look up the national guidelines for managing food allergies in schoolshere. Then check out your school districts policy as well. Does the cafeteria provide ample amount of options for your child? Does the school have any class pets? Are there plants inside every classroom?

Create a Plan

After you’ve figured out your school’s guidelines, speak with your child’s allergist on the best form of action. They will be able to help you create a set of instructions the school can use to help protect your child and prevent an allergy attack.

Are there certain activities or field trips that could be changed or altered because your child has a pollen allergy? Can the classroom be rearranged so your child can avoid chalk dust from the blackboard? These are just a couple of questions your child’s doctor may suggest you assess with the school staff.

Meet The School Staff

Think of this as a parent-teacher conference, but with the school nurse, principal, and any other staff member who needs to know about your child’s allergy. Your child needs to be able to rely on people in case of an emergency. Which is why it’s important you inform any staff member who your child will have interaction with.

But don’t forget to maintain communication...

You can be a helpful resource for the staff, so it’s important to stay in contact!

Contact Us to schedule an appointment with one of our board-certified allergists. We can help your child identify their allergic triggers, while also providing a customized school treatment plan.

For more helpful information, check out our Patient Education Guide.

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