What is Cross-Contact and How Can You Avoid it?

If you or a close loved one suffers from moderate to severe food allergies, then you know first hand just how serious the health issue can be. If you do not take the proper strategies and precautions at all times, you or someone you love could literally be risking their lives or their overall quality of life. For this reason, it is extremely important to always go out of your way to avoid any type of cross-contact.

What is Cross-Contact?

Cross-contact is when food that does not naturally contain any type of allergen accidentally comes into contact with a food source that does contain an allergen. When this occurs, the safe, allergen-free food becomes contaminated and can pose a serious health risk to anyone allergic to the contaminants within it.

How Can You Avoid Cross-Contact?

Avoiding any and all types of cross-contact can be a life-saving endeavor, especially when a small child or an elderly person is involved. If there is ever a risk of cross-contact occurring, you should remain hypervigilant and alert, always questioning dining staff at restaurants.

The Top 7 Ways to Avoid Cross-Contact

  1. Always be sure to use separate utensils and food dishes.
  2. If separate dishes and utensils are not possible then be sure that you thoroughly sterilize a set and do not share them.
  3. Always prepare the allergy safe food first. That eliminates any chance of cross-contact down the food preparation line.
  4. Always fully cover foods that contain allergens and set or store them far away from the safe foods.
  5. If you come into contact with a known allergen then be sure to thoroughly wash your hands with soap and warm water. Clean any surfaces that may have touched the food.
  6. Never share food, utensils, drink containers, or food dishes with someone that suffers from food allergies.
  7. Always use labels on foods that are allergy safe and foods that contain allergens. A food label such as these can literally save a life.

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