Dr. Hurwitz Named 2015 Top Doc All-Stars in Lifestyles Magazine

Our very own Georgia allergist, Dr. Hurwitz, has been listed as Top Doc by Lifestyles Magazine. Lifestyles Magazine shares stories, inspirational pieces, culture, and events that are happening throughout the Coweta and Fayette counties. Its articles reach out to members in the community, as a way to present all of the latest, up-and-coming news and trends, in a sophisticated and visually enticing online magazine format.

For several years now, Dr. Hurwitz has been named Top Doc. To be recognized as a “Top Doc,” a survey of all of the doctors and physicians in the area is completed. The criteria for distinguishing who the top doctors is based on several factors, including recognition from colleagues and other peers, the prestige within the community, and other accolades that set the physicians apart from all the rest.

According to Lifestyles Magazine:

“What better way to discover the right physician for your specific healthcare need than by following the recommendation of another trusted physician? Physicians are keenly aware of other docs who are considered tops in their particular specialties. In our 9th annual Top Docs listing, and first compilation of the All-Stars, Lifestyles presents a list of the most respected physicians as nominated by their peers. Each physician on this year's All-Star list has been a winner in their respective category consistently over the last four years.”

As part of a team of board-certified allergists at the Center for Allergy and Asthma of Georgia, Dr. Hurwitz is dedicated to providing relief for the symptoms of allergy, asthma, sinus conditions, lung conditions, and much more. The center’s much lauded immunotherapy (allergy shot) treatment program has been proven to be highly effective at combatting many of the most nagging allergy symptoms.

If you are interested in seeing how Dr. Hurwitz and the team can help you find relief, feel free to contact us to schedule a same-day, no-wait appointment today! We have seven office locations operating throughout metro Atlanta area at your convenience.

You can also read the current issue of Lifestyles Magazine and see the feature here.

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